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New to the Hillgrove Community?

Are you new to the Hillgrove community? Please visit our student enrollment appointment portal to schedule an enrollment appointment and to begin the enrollment process. Please also take a moment to review the course catalog on the Hillgrove counseling blog to assist with course registration. We look forward to seeing you at Hillgrove!

2019–2020 Pre-Course Reading

To help establish the necessary foundations and facilitate initial classroom instruction for both honors and AP level classes, we require students to complete a pre-course reading assignment prior to the start of their English class next year. This reading requirement is different than traditional summer reading in that the text(s) will be an integral part of the semester curriculum, specifically the first unit of study. There will be multiple graded assignments based on the assigned pre-course reading rather than one stand-alone assessment of your reading. It is imperative that students have a copy of the required text the first week of the semester. Teachers will provide more information regarding curriculum implementation of these texts at the start of the class. Please see our English pre-course reading assignments for more information.

Social Studies
Please see our pre-course reading assignments for social studies as well.