Your high school years set the stage for the years to come, and a great set-up requires careful planning. Whatever you want to do, learn, or be, let our school counselors be your go-to resource for everything from high school course selection to scholarship searching and all the steps required in between.

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We Can Help You

The Hillgrove HS counseling department is committed to helping our students achieve their goals. We take responsibility, together with students, parents, and our staff members, for the educational process. Learn about who we are—our mission, our vision, our goals—in our blog. We keep this site current with class-specific information, testing information, tutoring schedules, and more, so check in often.

Dual Credit
Honors and Advanced Placement (AP)
Online Courses
After-School Tutoring Program

School Counselors

Heather Boyle
Counseling Department Chair, Students last names: L–Ne
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Myranda Calloway
Students last names: Gre–K
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Myesha Davis
Students last names: Nf–Smith
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Cliff Donlan
Counseling Clerk
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Courtney Henry
Counseling Clerk
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Maegan Mellick
Students last names: A–Ci
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Jacqueline Sullivan
Students last names: Sn–Z
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Dr. Mirna Wynn
Students last names: Cj–Gra
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